Upcoming publications
I am currently working on:
Portraits of Apeldoorn
Photographing Apeldoorn's inhabitants combined with a personal story.

Portrait for Hope
'Have your portrait, give hope'. People have their professional portrait taken and with the money they spend they support varying charity organisations. Postponed until further notice. 

17 april - 17 may 2019
Part of ‘Smartphone Photography’ during Fotocafé Apeldoorn at Sillies
September 2016 - 2018
Selection of black & white photo’s at HNK Utrecht CS
27 August - 30 October 2016
20 street photographs and some other personal work during during Apeldoorn Fotostad “Apeldoorn 365”
locations: Art Café SamSam, CODA Museum, CODA Bibliotheek en Mansion24. 
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