I am an enthusiastic Fujifilm user. After many years of using Canon DSLR’s, I switched to the excellent Fujifilm X system in 2013 and I have never looked back ever since.
I love Fujifilm’s design and continuous improvement philosophy combined with their optical and sensor performance and analog inspired controls and ergonomics. Fujifilm’s heritage in color science is legendary and their digital film simulations deliver great results straight out of their camera's. The fact that the X-system is so small, light and intuitive ensures not only a nice way of working. It also helps me to create an intimacy between me and my subject.
My main system for my assignments consists of a Fujifilm X-T3 camera with the Fujinon 'ultra fast' prime lenses. I use my Fujinon 'red badge' zoom lenses mainly during my travels.
As a second camera and also for my everyday/personal photography I use the iconic Fujifilm X100V. This model is the fifth iteration of the well known X100 series. See this excellent review of the X100V.
For those technically interested, this page shows my equipment. It is also a reference, as people often ask me about my gear. But remember: “It’s not the camera that takes the photo, but the photographer.“ 
Main working system
Fujifilm X-T3 26MP mirrorless digital camera
Prime lenses
• Fujinon XF23mmF1.4 R (35mm)
• Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 R (53mm)
• Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R (84mm)
'Go-to'/travel light system
Fujifilm X100V 26MP (35mm) premium compact
• Fujinon TCL-X100II (50mm) tele conversion lens
• Fujinon WCL-X70 (26mm) wide conversion lens
• Weather resistant kit (AR-X100 + PRF-49S)
Hoya Circular Polariser UX 49mm​​​​​​​
Lume Cube versatile LED light
Accessories & extra
Fujifilm Instax SP-3 mobile printer
• BlackRapid Metro camera sling
• MeFOTO GlobeTrotter alu tripod
Firecrest Circular Polariser 77mm
• DJI Spark 12MP camera drone
• Olympus TG-5 12MP F2.0 underwater camera
• Think Tank Retrospective 5 shoulder bag
• ONA The Leather Brixton messenger bag

• Think Tank Trifecta 8 backpack
• Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 compact bag
On site lighting​​​​​​​
• Falcon Eyes CRK-32SL/G Circular Reflector Kit
• Fujifilm TTL Flash EF-42
• LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash
• WestCott 2021 152cm (60”) Optical Umbrella
• LumoPro LP605 213cm (84”) 5-Section Stand
• LumoPro LP633 Umbrella Swivel + HotShoe adapter
Studio lighting​​​​​​​
• Falcon Eyes B8510 Background support
• Falcon Eyes 2x GN300-AD flash units

• Falcon Eyes 2x SB6080 soft boxes
• Cactus V5 Wireless Flash Transceiver Duo

Adobe Lightroom Classic
• Adobe Portfolio
• Google Snapseed (iOS)
• Apple MacBook Pro 15,4” (2,6GHz i7/16GB)
Sandisk 500GB Extreme Portable SSD
• iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB